Life in small town America

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The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

This is the most wonderful time of the year. At least that is what people say. However, for some, it is the worst time of the year for many reasons. People all around us have lost children, parents, spouses, friends. They are grieving deeply as they know this will be a season of missing someone they have celebrated with for years.

Others barely make ends meet daily and are not even sure how they will eat tomorrow. They do not even consider where they will get their children any holiday gifts. Some have lost jobs are friends for no apparent reason.

Some of our local children are anxious because they know that their 12-day break means they have to figure out how to get meals because most of their meals come during school.

This time of year, if you are blessed, reach out and bless another. I was blessed today because I saw a young man in the store actually lean forward and hand the cashier money to pay for an elderly man’s cart of meager supplies. Giving like this does not require much, just a simple understanding that there are people around us who struggle daily to live, even in this small town.

Just making the effort to check on someone else to make sure they are okay during this celebratory time of year is so important. It costs nothing. We may even save a life, just by stopping by to share a few moments of our life with another.

Take some time to give the gift of you to someone this holiday season.