Life in small town America

Fabric Artist, I am

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When the pandemic started, I made my first-ever mask. That has turned into a cottage business and a continued love of sewing and fabric that started when I was in kindergarten watching my great-grandmother, my Nonnie, making a dress for me on her sewing machine. The business is called Vineyard Musings after my first blog post many years ago. I have made thousands of masks, hundreds of pencil cases, many dozens of toiletry bags, piles of market bags, some book sleeves and other small creative projects.

As I retired, I never thought I would start a business after a lengthy career as an educator and a teacher educator, but my mother started her first business at 76 so I guess I follow her lead starting this one at 67. As I head into year four, I can say I have not made any money, just enough to pay for fabric and fun. Isn’t that what retirement is all about anyway, making fun.

Now, I also need to finish those children’s books I have started. Maybe one day I will publish them. Who knows what a day may bring forth. After all, I never knew that this would come as the result of furiously sewing masks for people during the pandemic.


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