Life in small town America

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Double trouble

Today, I was so overwhelmed by two tiny babies – my twin grand niece and nephew! How can such tiny babes make me melt into tears? Life is so precious. Welcome little ones!

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Cherry Festival 2012

Cherry Festival 2012. Great brunch today at the Whitmore block party brunch! 30 years, what a tradition! Hundreds – literally – hundreds of folks there.

Firefighter’s parade – one of the best in many ever! Watched with brother, sister-in-law and nephew and then had great dinner with them. All so terrific. Family rules!

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Silently, it comes!

Cancer. Silently, it comes to skewer those who dare to laugh and love life. How often I have seen it in these past six months.  Who will be the next one to crash with the agony of its power over flesh? How can we see the death of cancer for the next generation? What can we do to help the wounded and weary who face this terrible monster?

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Summer Time

Yes, I love summer, especially the warm days and walks with the hunds. Cooking on the grill with farm fresh items each week from my CSA farmer are awesome. Means I do not have to plant a garden or weed or put up fences to keep the rabbits out of the veggie patch.