Life in small town America

Small town parking

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Have you ever noticed that parking fees in small towns are a HUGE bargain?  Parking in the mall parking lot can get you a fender bender and you must park on the back side of never during holiday shopping.  Besides, in the city the parking fees are outrageous.  I can get a parking space for two hours in North East for 20 cents.  In Erie 20 minutes costs $25 cents.  If you are looking for a great place to shop, sit in the park and read, listen to open air concerts on Thursdays, or get a great cup of  coffee, I would urge you to come visit our little piece of the American dream and enjoy the parking without breaking the bank. Besides, the parking spaces are big enough to park a school bus, so there is plenty of space for people who have no clue how to parallel park.


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