Life in small town America

Sherlock Holmes

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What’s on my mind?  Well, my 21 1/2 year old cat, Sherlock Holmes, died today.  What a great cat he was, greeting me at the door each day.  Never once did he gossip about me or talk behind my back or ignore me. His purring against my face relieved all of the day’s stresses.  His morning songs were the best as he waited for breakfast.

What a fighter he has been these last months as he could not see due to cataracts and frail legs that wobbled so that he could not get into his litter box.  Because he was no longer grooming himself, I spend each day caressing his beautiful fur with a brush hoping that would give him some sense of dignity. Since he was only able to do his business wherever he stood, he needed someone to care for his coat so he could have a sense of the regal cat he has always been.  He did live a great life so I am okay with it all because he was blind and moved so slow.  He had numerous health issues as the elderly always do, so although I grieve his  loss, I know it is better for him now.  Goodbye, old man, you were dearly loved.


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