Life in small town America

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King of the House

Getting a dog was the last thing I ever thought I would do, but here he is – bouncy and rambunctious and 69 days old. Thank you Valinda, Chaz, Chase and Carlin for the best pet ever! What a wonderful gift you have given us.   Life is BETTER with pets!


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Cherry Festival

One of the things I always love about summer is the Cherry Festival. So many people come to see the parade and go tot he carnival grounds. I am sad that the Heard Building is gone, but Heard Park still boasts the best ox roast and curly fries in the summer. I always use Cherry Festival week to note the half way mark of summer vacation. Summer mornings have to be the best. Drinking coffee, reading the paper, and listening to the cicadas sing. There is nothing better, except the Cherry Fest Brunch at the neighbor’s house. What a great summer tradition for over 25 years. Sorry, AJ and Willy and Donn, no golf tournaments in the vineyard anymore. It is GONE!