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Public manners

Have you ever noticed numerous pieces of chewing gum on sidewalks in the summer.   Five days ago, I was strolling the beautiful downtown streets when I realized that there is a truckload of gum on the sidewalk.  In hot weather, this is usually a gooey mess that walkers must negotiate as they go for a little exercise.

Throwing gum on the sidewalk to dispose of it is a clear indication of lack of parenting in our society.  Why, you ask?  My parents would be totally appalled at the fact someone would  throw away a piece of gum without wrapping it and placing it in a garbage can.  Let’s have some manners and throw our gum in the garbage instead of littering the beautiful streets in our town.  Thanks to local welder, Roy Peters, there are nearly a dozen new and decorative trash cans along Main Street, so there is no excuse for throwing gum on the sidewalk.

Parents, you need to SHOW you children how to wrap a piece of used gum in its wrapper and dispose of it in a waste receptacle. It is a lesson in public manners that will last a lifetime.